Company History
LOURAMID International Spa Group was established in 1985, with the aim to provide the best possible
products and services for women of all ages.

◎In 2007, LOURAMID began its chain-store beauty salons/department stores, now the company has over 50 directly owned beauty salons and point of sales in department stores.
◎In 2010, LOURAMID became the exclusive distributor of FINESSENCE, a French brand whom specializes in aromatherapy oils.
◎In 2011, LOURAMID became the exclusive distributor of HAKUJU, a well known Japanese medical equipment brand established in 1928.
◎In 2013, LOURAMID became the exclusive distributor of ADURO, whom specializes in beauty equipments such as LED Masks, tan beds etc.
◎In 2015, LOURAMID became the exclusive distributor of BUBBLE SPA, a well known Korean brand which specializes in beauty salon equipments.
◎In 2015, LOURAMID became the exclusive distributor of WOMAN’S ESSENTIALS, an award-winning cosmetic brand which specializes in woman’s intimate hygiene care.
◎In 2016, LOURAMID became the exclusive distributor of BENTLEY ORGANICS, S5 SKINCARE, EVOLVEORGANICS, PHB ETHICAL BEAUTY, all award-winning brands specializing in organic skincare.

◎ Marketing distribution channels include:
1.) Beauty Salons
2.) Department stores
3.) Pharmacies
4.) Franchisee/partner salons/pharmacies
5.) Online e-stores (COMING SOON)

◎With over 30 years of sales experience in the skincare market in Taiwan, each year we continue to expand our business and improve our sales target. Since 2013, our primary focus has been on our pharmacy channel, due to the growth of ageing population and demand on healthcare in Taiwan. We believe in providing only the highest quality and safest standard products to all of our huge customer base. In 2016, we plan to invest heavily on the importation of new, reliable products and focus on distribution through our chain-store pharmacy and online e-store channels.

Head Office
Located in Central Kaohsiung City, LOURAMID head office is a 6 storey building over 2000sqm, which features a 5 star beauty salon for VIP clients, administrative office and staff education center.
◎The head office was constructed in 2005 and is a learning center for all of our staffs.
◎In order to provide the best service to customers, LOURAMID holds monthly education classes and meetings for all of our staffs to ensure up to date knowledge of all our products and services.
◎! In 2016, LOURAMID will build a secondary head office, with a designated team for brand distribution, marketing for our chain-store pharmacy and online e-store channel.

Beauty Salons

LOURAMID beauty salons is one of our greatest strengths. We emphasize greatly on our service and customer relationships, which enables us to form a great bond and long term business with our huge customer base.
◎Currently LOURAMID directly owns 16 beauty salons nationwide, with another 4 new beauty salons under construction. (Estimated finish in January, 2016)
◎Moreover, LOURAMID also distribute products to 15 other franchisee beauty salons. (Most of these franchisee salon owners are our ex-employees whom now owns their own independent beauty salons and continues to use our products.)

Department Stores
Currently there are 26 kiosks/stores in major shopping malls across Taiwan, and we are constantly expanding.

◎Our goal for expansion for department stores are:
2015: 26 stores
2016: 30 stores
2017: 35 stores

◎LOURAMID not only distribute our own brand CAVEIN, we also exclusively distribute other brands such as FINESSENCE and WOMAN’S ESSENTIALS as we specialize in aromatherapy, especially for women of all ages. LOURAMID continues to search for best quality products for our large customer base in Taiwan.

In 2013, LOURAMID established our chain-store pharmacy channel due to the aging population of the Taiwan market and the expanded market in healthcare.
◎The pharmacy sells over 2000 brands of products, and is a great way to expand our customer base.
◎LOURAMID currently directly owns 5 pharmacies, and co-operates with a major chain-store pharmacy brand HELTHIN in Taiwan for rapid expansion potentials. Altogether, LOURAMID currently distributes products to over 50 pharmacies nationwide. By 2017, our goal is to directly own 10 pharmacies, and distribute products to over 100 pharmacies nationwide.

The biggest asset of LOURAMID are our staffs. At LOURAMID, we hold monthly meetings/education classes and banquets for all of our staff. We believe that good staff are hard to come by and we appreciate each and every staff and wish they pass on their gratitude onto the customers and provide the best service possible.
◎Each month, we also hand out awards to the staffs whom reach their monthly targets and assist those who have yet to reach their full potential.
◎With over 300 staffs and growing, we believe that each and every staff have the potential to become a professional aroma therapist and outstanding sales person.


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